What defines my photography, is a good question.

Deep, peaceful silence and natural beauty,  are words that come to mind. Sincerity and vulnerability in that respect can easily be found in my photos. They show unnoticed details in everydays life. In my photography I wish to refer in a poetic way to feelings that come up when you think of an experience, such as strolling around in a big city or running on the beach. Close your eyes, imagine the picture, and I might have it right in the collection in front of you.

When a connection is established, a portrait is, in my opinion, an authentic and therefore perfect image. That is my signature, my passion. Connecting, with other people, has always been a fascinating experience for me, especially in the light of my background of early childhood trauma. This made it difficult for me to attach myself to someone and be open in communication. However, curiosity always wins from anguish and photography is a perfect medium to setting up connections. I dare to show my vulnerability just like the persons who are having their portrait taken.

The trust that arises makes vulnerability visible and the connection is created. In a world of 5 minutes of fame, my photos require a little more attention and therefore time. The art of looking. After all, it is all in the eye of the beholder.